Photo grid and credits for our Celebrating Women and Public Art in Philadelphia news post.

Collage of many of the public artworks in Philadelphia by women artists
Just a taste of the many public artworks in Philadelphia by women artists

Photo credits from left to right:
1ST ROW | Mother and Child (or See the Moon) (1964) by Evelyn Keyser, photo Ashley Lippolis; Lifelines (2006) by Barbara Grygutis, photo Alec Rogers; Generative Luminance (2014) by Soo Sunny Park, photo courtesy Halkin Mason Photography; Open Air Aquarium (2003) by Magdalena Abakanowicz, photo Maxine Mendoza; Galla Placidia in Philadelphia and Topkapi Pullman (1985) by Joyce Kozloff, photo Alec Rogers; Atmosphere and Environment XII (1970) by Louise Nevelson, photo © Greg Benson Photography

2ND ROW | Flow (2015) by Lyn Godley, photo Kevin Edling, courtesy the artist; Mary Dyer (1960, cast 1975) by Sylvia Shaw Judson, photo Alec Rogers; Split Button (1981) by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, photo Caitlin Martin; Pulse (2018) by Janet Echelman, photo courtesy Melvin Epps for Center City District; Untitled (2019) by Amy Sherald, photo Steve Weinik, courtesy Mural Arts Philadelphia; El Dancers (2008) by Barbara Bullock, photo courtesy SEPTA Art in Transit

3RD ROW | Rock Form (Porthcurno) (1964) by Barbara Hepworth, photo Alec Rogers; China Wedge (1994) by Mei-Ling Hom, photo Alec Rogers; Reclaiming Gurney St. (2018) by Marta Sanchez, photo Ashley Lippolis; Face Fragment (1975) by Arlene Love, photo courtesy Monell Chemical Senses Center; Phaedrus (1974) by Beverly Pepper, photo Alec Rogers; Gamekeeper’s Night Dog (1989) by Victoria Davila, photo by Alec Rogers

4TH ROW | Indelible (2003) by Alison Sky, photo Alec Rogers; Wissahickon: Reflections (1996) by Diane Burko, photo courtesy Diane Burko; 125 Years (2003) by Jenny Holzer, photo by Gloria Lau, Fingerspan (1987) by Jody Pinto, photo © Wayne Cozzolino; Ile Ife Guardian (1986) by Lily Yeh, photo Steve Weinik, courtesy Mural Arts Philadelphia; Common Ground by Lonnie Graham, Lorene Cary, and John H. Stone, photo © Greg Benson Photography

5TH ROW | Major General S. W. Crawford of the Smith Memorial Arch (1897-1912), photo Alec Rogers; Land Buoy (2014) by Jody Pinto, photo Caitlin Martin; Connections (1992) by Athena Tacha; The China Gate (1984) by Sabrina Soong, photo Alec Rogers; Giant Frog (1941) by Cornelia Van Auken Chapin, photo Caitlin Martin; The Irish Memorial An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger) (2002) by Glenna Goodacre, photo Alec Rogers

6TH ROW | Winter Fountains (Nov. 2017 – March 2018) by Jennifer Steinkamp, photo © James Ewing Photography; Magic Carpet (July – Aug. 2014) by Candy Coated, photo Caitlin Martin; The Slave (1940) by Helene Sardeau, photo Alec Rogers; Manayunk Stoops: Heart and Home (2006) by Diane Pieri, photo © Wayne Cozzolino; Plateau (2005) by Andrea Blum, photo Jeremy Lawson courtesy University of Pennsylvania; Total Environment (1986) by Barbara Neijna, photo by Maxine Mendoza