Celebrating Women and Public Art in Philadelphia

Photo grid and credits for our Celebrating Women and Public Art in Philadelphia news post.

Collage of many of the public artworks in Philadelphia by women artists
Just a taste of the many public artworks in Philadelphia by women artists

Photo credits from left to right:
1ST ROW | Mother and Child (or See the Moon) (1964) by Evelyn Keyser, photo Ashley Lippolis; Lifelines (2006) by Barbara Grygutis, photo Alec Rogers; Generative Luminance (2014) by Soo Sunny Park, photo courtesy Halkin Mason Photography; Open Air Aquarium (2003) by Magdalena Abakanowicz, photo Maxine Mendoza; Galla Placidia in Philadelphia and Topkapi Pullman (1985) by Joyce Kozloff, photo Alec Rogers; Atmosphere and Environment XII (1970) by Louise Nevelson, photo © Greg Benson Photography

2ND ROW | Flow (2015) by Lyn Godley, photo Kevin Edling, courtesy the artist; Mary Dyer (1960, cast 1975) by Sylvia Shaw Judson, photo Alec Rogers; Split Button (1981) by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, photo Caitlin Martin; Pulse (2018) by Janet Echelman, photo courtesy Melvin Epps for Center City District; Untitled (2019) by Amy Sherald, photo Steve Weinik, courtesy Mural Arts Philadelphia; El Dancers (2008) by Barbara Bullock, photo courtesy SEPTA Art in Transit

3RD ROW | Rock Form (Porthcurno) (1964) by Barbara Hepworth, photo Alec Rogers; China Wedge (1994) by Mei-Ling Hom, photo Alec Rogers; Reclaiming Gurney St. (2018) by Marta Sanchez, photo Ashley Lippolis; Face Fragment (1975) by Arlene Love, photo courtesy Monell Chemical Senses Center; Phaedrus (1974) by Beverly Pepper, photo Alec Rogers; Gamekeeper’s Night Dog (1989) by Victoria Davila, photo by Alec Rogers

4TH ROW | Indelible (2003) by Alison Sky, photo Alec Rogers; Wissahickon: Reflections (1996) by Diane Burko, photo courtesy Diane Burko; 125 Years (2003) by Jenny Holzer, photo by Gloria Lau, Fingerspan (1987) by Jody Pinto, photo © Wayne Cozzolino; Ile Ife Guardian (1986) by Lily Yeh, photo Steve Weinik, courtesy Mural Arts Philadelphia; Common Ground by Lonnie Graham, Lorene Cary, and John H. Stone, photo © Greg Benson Photography

5TH ROW | Major General S. W. Crawford of the Smith Memorial Arch (1897-1912), photo Alec Rogers; Land Buoy (2014) by Jody Pinto, photo Caitlin Martin; Connections (1992) by Athena Tacha; The China Gate (1984) by Sabrina Soong, photo Alec Rogers; Giant Frog (1941) by Cornelia Van Auken Chapin, photo Caitlin Martin; The Irish Memorial An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger) (2002) by Glenna Goodacre, photo Alec Rogers

6TH ROW | Winter Fountains (Nov. 2017 – March 2018) by Jennifer Steinkamp, photo © James Ewing Photography; Magic Carpet (July – Aug. 2014) by Candy Coated, photo Caitlin Martin; The Slave (1940) by Helene Sardeau, photo Alec Rogers; Manayunk Stoops: Heart and Home (2006) by Diane Pieri, photo © Wayne Cozzolino; Plateau (2005) by Andrea Blum, photo Jeremy Lawson courtesy University of Pennsylvania; Total Environment (1986) by Barbara Neijna, photo by Maxine Mendoza