Lichtenstein’s “Brushstrokes” in Philadelphia

Lichtenstein’s “Brushstrokes” in Philadelphia

Colorful Brushstroke Group sculpture by artist Roy Lichtenstein
Photo Anne Day © 2006 for the Association for Public Art

Roy Lichtenstein’s Brushstroke Group, a sculpture ensemble located at the United Plaza between Chestnut and Market Streets, was brought to Philadelphia in August 2005 courtesy of Duane Morris L.L.P, one of the city’s largest law firms, which occupies the adjacent building.

In an unusual arrangement, the sculpture is on loan to Duane Morris from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation. The Fairmount Park Art Association and the Philadelphia Museum of Art worked with the law firm and the Foundation to bring the sculpture to the city.

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a well known pop artist whose work was influenced by popular advertising and comic book images. This brazenly colorful sculpture rises 29 feet high and is constructed of half-inch aluminum plate finished with a special durable paint used in the airline industry. The Brushstroke Group is an exuberant addition to Philadelphia’s “museum without walls” and joins Center City’s other spirited pop-art icons – Robert Indiana’s LOVE and Claus Oldenburg’s Clothespin.

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Brushstroke Group


by Roy Lichtenstein (1923 - 1997)

United Plaza, 30 South 17th Street

An exuberant addition to Philadelphia’s “museum without walls” that joins Center City’s other spirited pop-art icons.




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