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Featured artwork

Fountain of the Sea Horses (1926)

by Christopher Unterberger (1732 - 1798)
Vincenzo Pacetti (1746 - 1820)

This Italian travertine marble fountain featuring four sea horses – symbols of strength and vitality – was a gift from the Italian government (Mussolini’s government) to mark the United States’ 1926 Sesquicentennial.

Featured artwork

The Fruit of the Spirit (2018-2020)

by Moe Brooker (1940 - 2022)

Audio content that further expands our understanding of the works and the artists ​who​ created them

Featured artwork

Plateau (2005)

by Andrea Blum (1950 - )

A series of stainless steel pavilions, tables, and concrete benches on the edge of campus create a social space for the University and community.

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  • Benjamin Franklins

    The Benjamin Franklin theme gives a glimpse of the many ways Benjamin Franklin is represented throughout Philadelphia

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  • Black and African American Themes and Artists

    The Black and African American theme includes public artworks that were created by Black and African American artists or illustrate the Black experience in the United States.

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  • Equestrian Sculpture

    The Equestrian Sculpture theme highlights a selection of public artworks with men and women riding on horseback from Fairmount Park to Center City

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  • Functional Public Art

    The Functional Public Art theme showcases public artworks in Philadelphia that are utilitarian, site specific, and integral to community life

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  • Military Generals

    The Military Generals theme celebrates generals throughout America's history that have been memorialized in bronze and stone

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  • Native American Themes

    The Native American theme highlights outdoor sculpture that depicts Native American people as well as their history and culture

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  • Political Public Art

    The Political Public Art theme highlights outdoor sculptures relating to American politics and government, including memorialized political leaders

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  • Presidents and Leaders

    The Presidents and Leaders theme features portrayals of political, religious, and civic leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and William Penn.

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  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution theme includes Philadelphia’s monuments and memorials to the American Revolutionary War

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  • The Animal Kingdom

    The Animal Kingdom theme includes sculptures of species ranging from slithering snakes to ferocious lions, as seen in various sizes and settings

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  • The Calder Family (of Artists)

    The Calder Family (of Artists) theme reflects Philadelphia's historic ties to three generations of artists in the Calder Family and their celebrated public artworks

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  • The Civil War

    The Civil War theme demonstrates the ways in which community groups in Philadelphia have come together to commission monuments and memorials in remembrance of the Civil War

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  • War Memorials

    The War Memorials theme includes commemorative public artworks that celebrate veterans who served in the Civil War, World War I, and World II

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  • Water and Fountains

    The Water and Fountains theme includes fountains and sculptures that once were, sculptures installed within fountains, and artworks with water elements.

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  • Women and Public Art

    The Women and Public Art theme is a sampling of Philadelphia public artworks that were created by women artists

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