Metro on aPA Bike Tours: “Museum Without Walls Combines Art and Exercise”

>>Read “Museum Without Walls Combines Art and Exercise”

Cyclist observes Alexander Stirling Calder's "Sundial"
Cyclist observes Alexander Stirling Calder’s “Sundial.” Photo Johanna Austin © 2013 for Association for Public Art

Philadelphia’s Metro put a spotlight on the Association for Public Art and Bicycle Coalition’s “Museum Without Walls Fun Ride” bike tours, spreading the word that Philadelphians can cycle their way to discovering the city’s best public art this spring.

The Bicycle Coalition’s Diana Steif shares with Metro the rationale behind the rides: “The concept is so that people don’t have to pay an entrance fee to see beautiful pieces of art, and instead can stroll along trails, take a bike ride and stop at sculptures scattered throughout our parks. Viewing art shouldn’t be limited by your finances or to the inside of a museum.”

>>Click here to learn more and register for the April 13th ride (women only) or April 25th ride (open to everyone).

Unable to attend? Learn about our May 18th bike tour for “What’s Out There Weekend Philadelphia”or Download our Public Art Bike Map!

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by Alexander Stirling Calder (1870 - 1945)

Horticulture Center grounds (Belmont Avenue and North Horticultural Drive, West Fairmount Park)

An Art Nouveau-style bronze sundial atop a sculpted limestone base representing the four seasons. Spring holds a rose; Summer carries poppies; Autumn wears grapes in her hair; and Winter has a pine branch.

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