34th Street Magazine Interviews FPAA Intern

34th Street Magazine Interviews FPAA Intern

Lauren Robie with Association for Public Art staff, assitants, and volunteers in front of the "Spirit of Enterprise" by Jacques Lipchitz
Photo © Association for Public Art

In an interview with 34th Street Magazine, Fairmount Park Art Association Marketing and Graphics Intern Lauren Robie discusses future projects and her work with FPAA.

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The Spirit of Enterprise


by Jacques Lipchitz (1891 - 1973)

Central Terrace of Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial Sculpture Garden (north of Boathouse Row on Kelly Drive)

The massive bronze installed in the Central Terrace of the Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial represents America’s “Constructive Enterprise” — “the vigor, the power of harnessed nature, or the strength of men harnessing nature and making it conform to their uses and desires.”


Duck Girl


by Paul Manship (1885 – 1966)

Rittenhouse Square, Children's Pool, Walnut Street between 18th and 19th Streets

Poised in a Greek dress, the figure draws on classical imagery – characteristic of Paul Manship’s earlier works.

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