Creating Public Art Dialogues with Mobile Media

Creating Public Art Dialogues with Mobile Media

A user accesses Museum Without Walls by phone to learn more about the LOVE sculpture
Photo Albert Yee © 2010 for Association for Public Art

The Association for Public Art (aPA) was recently highlighted in an article by Katherine Gressel on about best practices for using interactive technology to evaluate public art: Smart Public Art: Interactive Technology and Public Art Evaluation.

The article quotes the aPA’s Executive Director, Penny Balkin Bach: “The whole point of our social media effort is to encourage appreciation for CONTENT; so we don’t ask people what they like — we ask them what they know.”

The aPA’s Development and Communications Manager, Jennifer Richards, also recently spoke about using mobile media to engage audiences on a panel at the 2013 Public Art Network/Americans for the Arts Annual Conference.

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by Robert Indiana (1928 - 2018)

15th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard

For the bicentennial celebration in 1976, artist Robert Indiana lent the city a large aluminum sculpture of his “love” image. Indiana first produced this design as a painting in 1964.

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