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Celebrating 100 Years of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

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Maja Sculpture for New Park on the Parkway

The long-awaited Maja Park on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is officially open to the public. The highlight of the park is the “Maja” (1942) sculpture by German artist Gerhard Marcks, which the Association recently restored and installed on the Parkway after decades in storage.

Our conservation efforts involved a little bit of everything this year: laser treatments, power washing, new wood slats, fresh paint, the classic bronze waxing – even lipstick and gum removal. Each spring, the Association provides conservation treatment for 30+ artworks in Philadelphia and take on special projects as needed.

FREE + VIRTUAL EVENT: Explore the life and times of the German artist Gerhard Marcks and his sculpture Maja (1942) – an important work that recently returned to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. With presentations by Dr. Arie Hartog, Director of the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus in Bremen, Germany, and Penny Balkin Bach, aPA’s Executive Director.

The long history behind Marcks’ persecution – his career as a teacher of sculpture at the Bauhaus and elsewhere, as well as his Expressionist tendencies – but also to his withdrawal from more controversial subjects, radical forms, or public acts that could have overtly endangered him and his family.

The artist is one of 15 elected to be National Academicians at the National Academy of Design, the leading society for visual artists and architects. Ferrer lived and worked in Philadelphia for many years and has been commissioned by the Association for Public Art.

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